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Australia Post Shipping

Australia Post Shipping

 Support Joomla 3 Virtuemart 3

Supports any domestic parcels and letters

Supports any international parcels and letters

Supports multiple parcels

Install & Config

Download the zipped file 

unzip it, u'll see 4 plugin files, their usage are explained as below  -- Domestical Letter -- Domestical Parcel  -- International Letter  -- International Parcel

Install these plugins via Extension -> Extension Manager in joomla backend.

Extension -> Plugin Manager, find the plugins and enable them.

Components -> Virtuemart -> Shop -> Shipment Methods -> New

Create new shipment methods by selecting respective plugins.

First of all, u need to register an auspost api key here,

after u finish the form, the key will be sent to ur email address.

Second, u need to fill this key in newly created shipment method config 'Your Registered API KEY'

Auspost Domestic Parcel


Service Code of Domestical Parcel includes 

Parcel Post
Parcel Post Small (500g) Satchel
Parcel Post Medium (3Kg) Satchel
Parcel Post Large (5Kg) Satchel
Express Post
Express Post Small (500g) Satchel
Express Post Medium (3Kg) Satchel
Express Post Large (5Kg) Satchel
Courier Post
Courier Post Assessed Medium Satchel

Even if u create shipment methods using these options, some of them won't appear if the order weight isn't in their range.

Select Option is either Standard Service or Signature On Delivery, the latter will add a signature fee to the final postage rate.

Unfortunately both of these options are not multi-select, so for example if u want to create two shipment methods, Parcel Post and Parcel Post Signature On Delivery,

u have to create two shipment methods both using plugin 'AusPost Domestic Parcel',  then select different dropdown for Select Option.

Extra Cover is an optional option provided by auspost for covering important goods, explained here

Free Shipping Over is the threshold of total price for free shipping, if u fill 200 and the customer's total products price is 200 and above, he will get free shipping.

Free Shipping Over Label is the description appear to customes after shipment method name. Like '(Free shipping over $200)'

Package Fee u decide if to charge customer to pack ur products?

Apply Handling Fee To Each Package max weight of one parcel is 22kg, if total order weight exceeds 22kg, it will be two parcels, this is actually Apply Package Fee To Each Package

From PostCode where ur products will be shipped from?

Multiple Parcels if to devide total order weight to multiple parcels if it exceeds 22kg

Auspost International Express

currently includes

Express Courier International Platinum
Express Courier International Merchandise
Express Courier International Documents
Express Post International
Pack and Track International
Registered Post International
Sea Mail
Air Mail


Deliver Confirmation is similar as Signature on delivery as explained above

Pick up(Metro Only) is internation post specific. Service available in metro areas for $20 flat rate fee.

U can find these parameters by using the Auspost Postage Calculator here

Domestical Mail and International Mail are just similar as domestic/international parcel post


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